Why PedalDabs Converters Improve Clipless Pedals

Every halfway serious cyclist knows that there is a power, efficiency, and speed advantage to being able to pull up on the pedal in addition to pushing down. When applying this additional force to the upstroke, the rider also gets the substantial  benefit of working another set of muscles.

Until 1984 the only way a cyclist could achieve these benefits was with toe clips. Then along came Look. Using technology they had developed for ski bindings, they created a method of attaching the shoe to the pedal that did not require a toe clip. Thus was born the “clipless” pedal.

Ever since that year, the bicycle industry has embraced the concept of attaching the shoe to the pedal through the use of a special pedal and a cleat the fits into the bottom of the shoe. While this is fantastic for all the benefits mentioned above, there is this one aspect of clipless pedals that still creates consternation and even some good “fail” video opportunities.  You don’t need much imagination to picture the potential disasters that await a new user of a system that locks the shoes to the pedals.

It is also no surprise that even regular users of the clips occasionally find themselves in a situation where they can’t detach from the pedal fast enough. This can result in an embarrassing crash or even potential injury.

After 31 years of use, in spite of a fair number of clipless fail videos on YouTube http://youtu.be/lWCD5fhfdns the advantages of having clipless pedals on a bikes are still significant and they are here to stay. But sometimes not clipping in has its own benefits. Most riders still find it important to kick back and ride their bikes with whatever footwear is appropriate.  You also don’t want to be lending your clipless pedal bike and shoes to a novice. It takes time to get the hang of this approach.

These are just some of the reasons why you need a pair of PedalDabs platforms for clipless. In just seconds you can turn your pedals into platforms, allowing you or your friend to jump aboard in flip flops or bare feet when the need arises without changing pedals or taking shoes.

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