Hi my name is Kurtis, founder and manager of BikeDabs. I invented and patented PedalDabs platforms for clipless pedals.

PedalDabs offer a novel solution to an old problem.  Clipless pedals increase efficiency by 30% but require the use of special shoes that are frequently inconvenient or inappropriate in modern life settings.  The problem was addressed in the past by either switching pedals or bringing extra shoes along on a ride, neither of which made it easier to use bikes–they most certainly didn’t contribute to the carefree aspect of riding that attracts many riders in the first place. But PedalDabs solve this issue by quickly and easily converting clipless pedals to platforms for use with any types of shoes!

Making cycling an easier choice has a huge effect on how much riders use their bicycles instead of their cars, as I saw at the bike shop where I worked for 6 years while in undergraduate.

The number of intermediate riders using clipless pedals has grown immensely in recent years, and PedalDabs allow riders to use their bikes more by making it easier (and more fun  to run errands and commute while wearing normal shoes. At BikeDabs we’re proud to spread this mission around the globe.